Poland. Podlasie region, “the gate to the East”– individual tour.

Individual tour

Category: bike tour

Duration: 8 days

Offer: 2024

Meals: breakfasts

Accommodation: hotels and pensions, rooms with bathrooms

Difficulty: easy

Distance by bike: 380 km

Podlasie is a still undiscovered destination, full of pristine nature, picturesque views and atmospheric towns. This multicultural region is considered to be the gate to the East. Four national parks are located here: Białowieża (recognized on UNESCO World Heritage Site list), Biebrza, Narew and Wigry. Cycling, we will be passing orthodox churches, synagogues, wooden churches and huts with finely decorated shutters, ancient grave mounds, pristine rivers, wild animals, pristine forests. In the night, we may observe the Milky Way in the sky, and by the table – enjoy local specialties.

During the trip, we will visit the most important natural and cultural destinations of Podlasie, the „must see” for everyone visiting the region. Trip is an easy one, making it suitable for anyone who wants to explore the region by bike.


Białystok, regional capital is a multicultural city. Important economical, administrative, educational, cultural and tourism center in Poland. City of Ludwik Zamenhof – creator of Esperanto, Albert Sabin – discoverer of Polio vaccine, and Tomasz Bagiński – Academy Award laureate. Here we will visit the baroque Branicki Palace with its gardens, the late-Renaissance Old Church, St. Roch’s Basilica, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the market square with its baroque City Hall.



Tykocin is a small, but incredibly historically rich town at the banks of Narew. Favourite residence of king Sigismund August, an important Jewish kultural centre in the past ages, surrounded by beautiful landscape. Located between Narew National Park, Biebrza National Park and Knyszyn Forest is a place, where many tourist trails intersect. It’s highlights include the baroque Trinity Church, the Great and Small Synagogues, the marketplace, the Alumnat and the Tykocin castle. All of this will be included in the guided tour of the city.


Biebrza National Park

Biebrzański National Park is the biggest and the wildest national park in Poland. It has been established in 1993. It’s heart is the 160-km long Biebrza river, which creates a vast marshland, an asylum for over 270 bird species, elks and other mammals. It is not uncommon to encounter elks during cycling, so have your cameras ready.


A resort with over 500 years of history and special microclimate, created by etherical oils provided by the trees of Knyszyn forest and peloid from nearby Sokołda. We recommend a walk in the town and visiting the Orthodox Icon Museum, located in the Archimandrite’s Palace.



Kruszyniany is a famous Tartar village, visited not long ago by Prince Charles of Wales himself. It is known for beautiful nature, delicious local cuisine and unique landmarks, such as 17th century wooden mosque and muslim cemetery.



Puszcza Białowieska

Polish part of the Białowieża forest was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. Its strict reserve is one of the last places to see the ecosystem of primeval, lowland forest in the world. Bisons live here, as do over 50 different species of mammals, 200 species of birds and 1000 species of insects. The oldest oaks are over 600 years old. Many of them exceed in height and width, which made them a sought export material, used for constructing masts of ships, which travelled the oceans of the world.

Short summary:


Day 1. Arrival to Białystok

Day 2. Białystok – Narew National Park: Kruszewo – Śliwno – Waniewo – Tykocin

Day 3. Tykocin – Kiermusy – Biebrza National Park: Tzar’s Road – Osowiec Fortress – Goniądz

Day 4. Goniądz – Czarna Białostocka – Budzisk –Supraśl

Day 5. Supraśl – Krynki – Kruszyniany

Day 6. Kruszyniany – Bondary – Siemianówka reservoir – Narewka – Białowieża

Day 7. Białowieża – Topiło  – Białowieża

Day 8. Białowieża – Hajnówka – train to Białystok


Day 8. Białowieża – Narewka – Trześcianka ca. 46 km by bike

Day 9. Trześcianka – Puchły – Soce – Białystok ca. 40 km by bike

Day 10. Białystok end of the tour

Day 1. Białystok

Arrival to Białystok (numerous connections from Warsaw). About 16:00, meeting with our representative to pass the bikes and all the necessary information. Then, a guided tour of the city, including the baroque Branicki Palace with its gardens, the late-Renaissance Old Church, St. Roch’s Basilica, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the market square with its baroque City Hall. Accommodation in a hotel in Białystok.

Price includes: guided tour of Białystok

Day 2. Białystok – Narwia National Park: Kruszewo – Śliwno – Waniewo – Kurowo – Tykocin

Distance: about 55 km

Elevations: 131 m – 149 m

After breakfast, we leave the luggage at the reception and start cycling. We depart from the City Hall. Cycling the bike roads, we leave the city and enter the Green Velo route to Narew National Park. We can add 4 km to the trip to make a pause in Choroszcz, to see the park and the summer house of Branicki family, nowadays a museum of palace interiors. Further along the route we will be passing such villages as Rogowo, Kruszewo and Śliwno, to reach river Narew. Here we will cross the river by a movable bridge. On the other side, along local roads we will reach Tykocin, where our accommodation awaits. Here, aguided tour awaits us.

Price includes: guided tour of Tykocin

Day 3. Tykocin – Kiermusy – Biebrza National Park: Tzar’s Road – Osowiec Fortress – Goniądz

Distance: about 60 km

Elevations: 25 m – 46 m

We begin by visiting Kiermusy, a village near Tykocin. A private bison reserve is located here. Further, we enter the Tzar’s Road. Numerous viewing towers and bridges are located here, so it is worth to take your time and admire the Biebrza valley. Be prepared, since you can easily encounter an elk here. About halfway you will meet your guide, with whom you cycle to Goniądz. On the way, he will show you the nature of the Park. You will also see the Osowiec Fortress, with its II WW bunkers. Accommodation in Goniądz.

Day 4. Goniądz – Czarna Białostocka – Budzisk –Supraśl

Distance: about 65 km

Elevations: 212 m – 214 m

Today we venture further into Podlasie. On our way to Supraśl, we will be cycling through Knyszyn forest, where we can meet many wild animals, including the bisons. Supraśl is a popular resort thanks to its beautiful location and healthy microclimate. .

Day 5. Supraśl – Kopna Góra – Krynki – Kruszyniany

Distance: about 61 km

Elevations: 309 m – 330 m

Before leaving Supraśl, we recommend touring the Orthodox Icon Museum in the local monastery. Leaving the town, we enter Green Velo which will take us through Knyszyn Forest. We will reach Kopna Góra, where we can visit the forest park. Afterwards, we can either cycle directly to Kruszyniany, or extend the route to visit Krynki and its ruins of synagogue. Kruszyniany is popular thanks to its vibrant Tartar community. You can try the local cuisine. A guided tour of the mosque awaits us here. Accommodation in Kruszyniany or in a location nearby.

Price includes: guided tour of the mosque and muslim cemetery in Kruszyniany

Optional: tour of Orthodox Icon Museum in Supraśl (ticket 6 EUR, sightseeing with a guide 30 EUR)

Day 6. Kruszyniany – Bondary – Siemianówka reservoir – Narewka – Białowieża


Distance: about 61 km

Elevations: 107 m – 116 m

After breakfast, we cycle further along Green Velo. We reach Michałowo, and then Siemianówka reservoir. We recommend to make a stop on the dam and maybe take a bath on one of the beaches. Further we reach Narewka by the Białowieża forest. Then we cycle through the forest to Białowieża, where we reach our hotel (Hotel Białowieski***). After checking in we can rest at the hotel’s swimming pool and spa centre. We also advise to try the beer made at the hotel.

Day 7. Białowieża

You can choose what to do today. Regardless of your choice, the day ends with a bonfire and outdoor dinner consisting of local specialties. Below are three proposed bike tours:

Option 1. Białowieża – Topiło – Białowieża

Distance: about 49 km

Elevations: 149 m – 149 m

Topiło is a small village in the forest at the river Perebel, only 3 km from the Belarussian border. Topiło reservoir is located here, rich in flora and fauna with two educational trails, also with a viewing point. We reach the village cycling through forest roads. We can also visit the palace park with its interactive natural museum and the animal exhibition reserve just a few kilometers from the village.

Option 2. Optional: Guided tour of Białowieża, visit to strict reserve

We propose an optional guided tour of Białowieża and the strict reserve, which will show you the most interesting locations of the village and tell about its history. The tour takes about 7 hours, the guide will be waiting for at the reception after breakfast. You will tour the Palace Park and the natural museum, before venturing into the strict reserve, which is accessible only with a licensed tour guide. We will also see the animal exhibiton reserve, where you can observe bisons, wolves, deer, rabbits, lynxes , wild boars, and other species in their natural habitat. On way back, we will also visit the mysterious place of power – anancient mound, which had a mystical meaning for ancient cultures inhabiting the forest area. After return, a bonfire and dinner awaits.

Cost for 2 people: 90 EUR/person. Cost from 4 people: 45 EUR/person

Day 8. Białowieża – Hajnówka – train to Białystok or extention of a trip in 2 days and reach Białystok by bike

Distance: about 25 km

Elevations: 60 m – 64 m

The last day of our trip. We reach Hajnówka trains station by bike, and after about 1,5h ride we reach Białystok. At scheduled place, we meet Nature Travel representative, return our bikes and receive our luggage.

You may extend your stay in Hotel „Białowieski”. The cost of bike rental will not rise then.

Price includes:

  • 7 accommodations with breakfasts in hotels/pensions of good quality, rooms with bathroom
  • Dinner at Hotel Białowieski on day 6 & 7.
  • Local taxes
  • Luggage transfer between accommodations
  • Guided tour in Białystok and Tykocin
  • Guided tour of the mosque in Kruszyniany
  • Bike rental
  • Technical assistance during the trip
  • Tourist’s package: detailed description of the route, along with the information required for reaching the destination by bike.
  • GPS-track
  • Handing out and picking up of the bike at the appointed location
  • Miminum number of participants: 2 people


Price does not include:

  • Arrival
  • Bike rental
  • Meals other than breakfast and dinner on day 6 & 7.
  • Additional accommodations
  • Private expenses during the trip


Price per person:

700 EUR (8 days trip)/850 EUR (10 days trip)/person in a double room

Single room surcharge: 150 EUR (8 days trip)/200 EUR (10 days trip)

Additional discounts:

  • Children 0-5 years (without a separate bed) – free
  • Children 5-10 years – 50%, additional bed (assuming 2 fully paying adults)
  • Children 10-16 years on additional bed – 80% of the price (assuming 2 fully paying adults)
  • Children 17 lat and more and adults sleeping on separate beds in 3-4 person rooms – 10% discount

Cost of bike rental during the trip:

Electric bike – 90 EUR/person


Additional expenses:

  • Optional guided tour of Białowieża on day 7, tickets animal exhibition reserve, to Natural Museum, to strict reserve – 2 people: 150 EUR/person. 4 people: 80 EUR/person
  • Additional accommodation in Białystok in ***hotel with breakfast: 100 EUR/DBL room
  • Additional accommodation in Białowieża with breakfast & dinner: 120 EUR/DBL room


Starts every Saturday from 04.05.2024 to 15.09.2024*

*Minimum number of participants: 2 people


Since Poland lies in the Schengen zone, EU citizens may enter it’s boarders with valid ID. Non-EU citizens are submitted to the same rules of entry as when entering any other EU country.


By plane – we recommend a flight to Warsaw and then taking a train to Białystok (about 2h30min by train)

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