Switzerland, Germany, Austria. Around the Lake Constance in one week

Individual tour

Category: bike tour

Duration: 7 days

Offer: 2021

Meals: breakfasts

Accommodation: hotels and pensions, rooms with bathrooms

Difficulty: easy

Distance by bike: 230 – 250 km

The tour around Lake Constance is one of cycling classics. It is among the biggest lakes of Central Europe, along the Balaton and Lake Geneva. It is located at the border of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. At the same time, it is a very interestingly located one, surrounded by the Alpine mountains, allowing to observe many peaks, and numerous castles if the weather allows. The lake is encircled by a cycling route, making the trip a safe and comfortable one. Due to minor elevations we recommend the tour even for beginners and families with children.



Over 600 years ago, the ecumenical council ending the Western schism took place in Constande. During the council, pope Martin V was elected, and the Czech reformer Jan Hus was burned at the stake at the same time. The statue of Imperia by Peter Lenk commemorates these events. Erected in 1993, weighing over 18 tons and 9 meters tall is one of the city’s symbols. It resembles a courtesan with her hands risen up, holding two naked men. One of them is wearing a crown and holds a sphere – the symbol of Holy Roman Empire. The second one has tiara, the symbol of papal authority. The monument is a rotating one, full cycle takes about 3 minutes, giving the opportunity to admire it thoroughly. Constance is also one of Europe’s most important research centres, drawing many students to the city, the so called „Little Harvard of the Lake Constance”. Worth visiting is also the Mainau Island, known for various plants from around the world, which find it’s place here thanks to according microclimate. Constance was always along the trade route and since medieval times has been one of the fastest developing cities in Europe. Strolling the market, we often come across ancient monuments. There is a lot to be said about Constance, and we recommend to visit the city at least once and feel it’s atmosphere.


Stein am Rhein

A Swiss pearl, which attracts tourists with its medieval architecture in the city centre. Through the clocktower, we enter another world with narrow, cobbled streets, decorated houses, wooden constructions, statues and fountain in the main square. The stroll might take a while due to sheer number of sights. It is worth your time to visit the Hohenklingen castle nearby, offering views of Stein am Rhein, the Rhine and the Untersee lake. It is about 40 minutes by walk away, you can of course choose to cycle there.


Atmospheric town at the Constance Lake. Two aviation museums are located here, in the first one you can learn about the Zeppelin, and in the second one – about the Dornier planes. Both are worth visiting, the second one is more technical of the two. We recommend to stroll the promenade and climb the tower to admire the views of the town and the lake.


Arbon and Rorschach

Both towns are typical Swiss tourist destinations. We recommend to stroll their old towns and the promenade with the marina. In Arbon you can admire frescoes from the XVIIth century. We also recommend local cuisine, combining the traditions of France and Switzerland.

Short summary:

Day 1. Arrival to Constance, Germany

Day 2. Constance – Gailingen – Stein am Rhein

Day 3. Stein am Rhein – Ludwigshafen – Sipplingen – Überlingen

Day 4. Überlingen – Kressbronn – Nonnenhorn

Day 5. Nonnenhorn – Bregencja – Höchst – Rorschach

Day 6. Rorschach – Arbon – Constance

Day 7. Constance – departure, or extending your stay

Day 1. Constance

We reach Constance on our own. This day is the opportunity to tour this remarkable city. We recommend the Mainau island to see the rotating monument, and stroll the Old Town, as well as visit the oceanarium or archeological museum.

Day 2. Constance – Gailingen –  Stein am Rhein


Distance: about 40 km
Elevations: 92 – 93 m

After breakfast we begin cycling, pass the German border and enter Switzerland. Today’s route will lead along the southern shore of Lake Constance. We will be passing picturesque fishing villages, to reach Stein am Rhein. As mentioned earlier, it is worth to spend some time in this town to admire the historical architecture and houses with frescoes.

Day 3. Stein am Rhein – Ludwigshafen – Sipplingen – Überlingen

Distance: about 60 km
Elevations: 439 – 451 m

Today’s route on the German side will lead us around the Höri peninsula, where Otto Dix and Hermann Hesse lived. We recommend a short break in the former imperial town Radolfzell, nowadays a resort. Further, towards Bodanrück will be a short uphill section. Reaching today’s accommodation in Überlingen and beautiful views of the lake will reward your efforts.

Day 4. Überlingen – Kressbronn – Nonnenhorn

Distance: about 60 km
Elevations: 104 – 126 m

Today’s route will lead through the lowlands. A few kilometers after Überlingen we will pass the church in Birnau. Further, it is worth to make a pause in Meersburg to see it’s beautiful Old Town and castle. Towards Friedrichshafen we will be passing numerous vineyards. In the city itself we recommend to visit the Zeppelin museum. The route takes u further along the lake to Nonnenhorn, where our accommodation awaits.

Day 5. Nonnenhorn – Bregencja – Höchst – Rorschach

Distance: about 50 km
Elevations: 50 – 52 m

Today we continue to cycle the lowlands, so the tour should go smoothly and pleasantly. We will leave Germany, to enter Austria and along the shoreline to Switzerland. About halfway, we will reach Bregenz in Austria, known for its annual festival, which takes place on the stage built on the lake. Further we reach Switzerland and head to today’s accommodation in Hoechst or Rorschachm depending on the availability during the tour.

Day 6. Rorschach – Arbon – Constance


Distance: about 60 km
Elevations: 84 – 98 m

Today we will be cycling along the shore towards German border and Constance. About halfway we will reach Romanshorn, where we can take a pause in the marina. Further, we can make a last bathing pause on one of the beaches on the way. Finally we will reach Constance, where you can tour the places you didn’t manage to see on day one.

Day 7. Constance – departure


We hope you finished in awe of the Lake Constance, and this leaves with many memories of the region, cuisine and it’s atmosphere. After breakfast you can stroll the city and then depart on your own, or extend your stay in Switzerland or Germany.

Price includes:

  • 6 accommodations with breakfasts in local hotels/pensions, good standard with bathrooms included
  • Tickets to Rosgarten museum in Constanze, cup of coffee
  • Baggage transfer between accommodations, number of cases not limited, weight of 1 case limited to 20 kg
  • Technical assistance during the trip
  • Turist’s package: detailed description of the route, along with the information required for reaching the destination by bike.
  • Handing out and picking up of the bike at the appointed location

Price does not include:

  • Cost of arrival at the starting location
  • Cost of return from the finishing location
  • Bike rental
  • Car parking cost during the trip, which is paid separately
  • Local taxes at the hotel
  • Meals other than breakfasts
  • Additional accomodations in Constanze/Kreuzlingen (per person with breakfast: 260 zł/350 zł/510 zł; Cat. B/A/A+)
  • Additional private expenses during the trip
  • Tickets to tourists attractions

Price per person in double room

 Category BCategory ACategory A+
Season A: 499 EUR649 EUR849 EUR
Season B:579 EUR749 EUR949 EUR
Season C: 629 EUR799 EUR999 EUR
Season D: 679 EUR849 EUR1049 EUR
Single room surcharge199 EUR245 EUR499 EUR

Category B (standard) – accommodations in small pensions and guesthouses, good quality rooms with bathroom, 2-3** class

Category A (comfortable) – accommodations in hotels, 3-4 stars standard

Category A+ (luxury) – accommodations in elegant 4 star hotels

Additional discounts:

  • Children 0-6 years (without additional bed) – free
  • Children 6-12 years – 50% price, accommodation on a separate bed (assuming 2 fully paying adults)
  • Children 12-18 years on a separate bed – 75% price (assuming 2 fully paying adults)

Cost of bike rental and additional elements during the trip:

Trekking bike 8 – i 27- gears –              79 EUR/each
Electric bike, with or without trailer – 199 EUR/each
Tandem –                                                    159 EUR/each
Child bike –                                               39 EUR/each
Child trailer –                                            39 EUR/each *
Child seat – free*
* trailer and seat can be rented only when renting a bike

Termin wycieczki:

Daily, from 27.03.2021 to 24.10.2021:

Season A 27.03. – 31.03 / 05.04. – 17.04 /  01.10. – 24.10.

Season B 01.04. – 04.04 / 18.04. – 05.05 / 07.06. – 10.06 / 14.06. – 17.06  / 21.06. – 24.06/ 12.09. – 30.09

Season C 06.05. – 10.05  / 16.05 / 24.05. – 27.05 / 06.06 / 11.06. – 13.06 / 18.06. – 20.06 / 25.06. – 30.06 / 22.08. – 11.09

Season D 11.05. – 15.05 / 17.05. – 23.05 / 28.05. – 05.06 / 01.07. – 21.08

Day of arrival defines the according price season.

Trips are organised from 1 participant.

Dates excluded from reservation: 07.06.2021 oraz 12.06.2021 (Constance Flea Market); 09.08.2021 oraz 14.08.2021 (Seenachtfest)

Since Italy lies in the Schengen zone, EU citizens may enter it’s boarders with valid ID. Non-EU citizens are submitted to the same rules of entry as when entering any other EU country.


By plane – the easiest way is coming by plane to Friedrichshafen, Stuttgart or Zurich. Most flights can be booked to Zurich, often at a reasonable price. From there, one should take a train to Constance.

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