Travel conditions.

1. Reservation and order fulfillment

  1. Reservation and booking confirmation is made in writing
  2. Only binding confirmation by Nature Travel signifies that the given trip will take place
  3. Together with the binding confirmation of the trip, you will receive your travel documents by e-mail from Nature Travel (travel contract with information about the booked trip, tour information sheet, hotel list, general travel information and invoice)
  4. We recommend booking your tour as early as possible; The latest booking date for each trip (except for trips to Podlasie) is 2 weeks before the start of the trip
  5. The latest date of booking a trip in Podlasie is 1 week before the date of the trip
  6. Reservations for closed groups are based on the following conditions:
  7. The group is brought together and formed by the group leader who is responsible for liaising with the Nature Travel office or institution
  8. The organizer contacts only the previously specified representative of the group, the name of this person must be provided when registering the group
  9. Financial arrangements are also made only with the above named group representative
  10. Bikes rented by Nature Travel can be viewed on in a downloadable file with a description of the chosen trip. The use of bikes rented by Nature Travel must be paid additionally, the amount specified in the description of each tour.

You can bring your own bike on most tours; in some cases it involves additional costs of transporting bicycles, which, if any, are described in detail in the price list of each trip. Cycling rides are absolutely unsuitable for trips organized by Nature Travel due to the many field and forest paths. On individual routes, the cyclist is financially responsible for the rented bike (in case of damage or loss). We recommend that you bring your own bicycle helmet.

  1. Payment terms

Upon confirmation of the trip by Nature Travel, the client is obliged to pay an advance payment of 20% of the cost of the entire trip per person. The remaining amount should be transferred up to 2 weeks before departure.

  1. Discounts for children

Discounts for children are specified in the description of each tour.

  1. Number of participants

The number of participants necessary to organize each of the offered groups is mentioned in each bike trip trip details.

  1. Trip cancelation

If you need to resign from the trip, unfortunately we have to transfer the following costs to you for the work already put in the organization of the trip:

  1. In the case of resignation after written registration, the handling fee per person is equal to the amount of the advance payment
  2. 8 to 4 weeks before the start of the journey, 30% of the travel price
  3. 4 to 2 weeks before the start of the journey, 50% of the travel price
  4. 80% of the travel price from the 1st week to the 3rd day prior to travel
  5. 90% of the travel price 2 days before departure and in case of no-show

The deadline for submitting all statements of withdrawal from the booked trip is the date on which we receive the notification of withdrawal from the contract.

  1. Insurance

Our insurance does not cover travel cancellation, luggage, accident, health and third party liability insurance. We recommend that you take out such insurance in one of the insurance companies. In case of problems, we can help you take out such insurance.

  1. The tour operator is responsible for:
  2. Selection of service providers and quality of services
  3. Selection of individual services
  4. Description of services in catalogs or brochures
  5. Course of the itinerary
  6. Organization, booking and services in accordance with the travel contract
  7. Limitation of Liability

Our liability for contractual claims is limited in total to twice the price of the tour.

We have to reserve the right to change the hotel (in rare cases) and transfer elements of the program – for organizational reasons. Please understand.

  1. Complaints

Should you ever have reason to complain, please notify us in writing as soon as possible, if possible while the tour is still running. In addition, you must pursue your legal claims against Nature Travel within one month of the contractually agreed spill termination. The place of examining legal claims is the registered office of the organizer.

  1. Information on the protection of personal data

The personal data provided by the traveler when booking the trip are processed electronically and processed by Nature Travel M. Czarny, J. Sorko-Czarny Sp. Z o.o. Sp. K (change of company name here) ,. Nature Travel and service providers (transport companies, hotels, partner agencies) use, process and store data to the extent necessary to perform the contract.

Nature Travel Sp. j. the provisions of the GDPR apply. Detailed information on data protection, including travel rights, can be found at

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