Nature & Culture biketour. From Warsaw to Vilnius – halfguided tour

Individual tour

Category: bike tour

Duration: 9 days

Offer: 2024

Meals: breakfasts and dinners

Accommodation: hotels and pensions, rooms with bathroom

Difficulty: easy

Distance by bike: up to 285 km

The Polish-Lithuanian border is a destination, which gains recognition each year. Numerous national parks, it’s multiculturalism, number of architectural monuments, the ever-improving transport accessibility, traditional hospitality of the local people and delicious local cuisine are only the most obvious reason to come here!
The programme includes, but is not limited to the oldest Polish national park: Bialowieza, historical, Jewish Tykocin, charming health resort in Supraśl with it’s modern Orthodox icon museum, picturesque Suwalki region and Wigry national park, and also attractions of the „twin capitals” of neighbouring Lithuania: Kaunas and Vilnius. The cycling infrastructure consists of cycling roads, among them dedicated ones, rest places, shops and technical service points.
Thanks to the option of choosing the route, the tour is suitable for those who prefer longer cycling sections, as well as those who would like to choose a shorter option.


Officially the Capital City of Warsaw, is the capital and largest city of Poland. The metropolis stands on the River Vistula in east-central Poland and its population is officially estimated at 1.8 million residents within a greater metropolitan area of 3.1 million residents, which makes Warsaw the 7th most-populous capital city in the European Union. Warsaw is an alpha− global city, a major cultural, political and economic hub, and the country’s seat of government. Its historical Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Białystok, regional capital is a multicultural city. Important economical, administrative, educational, cultural and tourism center in Poland. City of Ludwik Zamenhof – creator of Esperanto, Albert Sabin – discoverer of Polio vaccine, and Tomasz Bagiński – Academy Award laureate. Here we will visit the baroque Branicki Palace with its gardens, the late-Renaissance Old Church, St. Roch’s Basilica, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the market square with its baroque City Hall.


A resort with over 500 years of history and special microclimate, created by etherical oils provided by the trees of Knyszyn forest and peloid from nearby Sokołda. We recommend a walk in the town and visiting the Orthodox Icon Museum, located in the Archimandrite’s Palace.



Kruszyniany is a famous Tartar village, visited not long ago by Prince Charles of Wales himself. It is known for beautiful nature, delicious local cuisine and unique landmarks, such as XVIIth century wooden mosque and muslim cemetery.


Białowieża forest

Polish part of the Białowieża forest was included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979. It’s strict reserve is one of the last places to see the ecosystem of primeval, lowland forest in the world. Bisons live here, as do over 50 different species of mammals, 200 species of birds and 1000 species of insects. The oldest oaks are over 600 years old. Many of them exceed in height and width, which made them a sought export material, used for constructing masts of ships, which travelled the oceans of the world.

Short summary:

Day 1.  Arrival to Warsaw

Day 2. Warsaw – Białowieża forest, 23 or 40 km by bike, 230 km by bus

Day 3. The unique Białowieża: guided tour in Białowieża: forest museum – strictest primeval forest reserve – Bison Reserve – magical place of power – Hotel Białowieski by bike ca. 27 km

Day 4   Białowieża – Kruszyniany (Tatar village) – Supraśl – Białystok, 41 km or 52 km by bike, ca. 110 km by bus

Day 5.  Białystok – guided tour in Tykocin – Kiermusy – Biebrza National Park: Tzar’s Road – Osowiec Fortress – Suwałki, ca. 45 km by bike, ca. 130 km by bus

Day 6.  Suwałki – Kloster in Wigry – Paddling tour on Czarna Hańcza river, ca. 25 km by bike, ca. 30 km by bus

Day 7.  Suwałki – Stańczyki – Lithuania: Kaunas, ca. 30 km by bike, ca. 150 km by bus

Day 8.  Lithuania: Kaunas – guided tour of the Trakai Castle and the Capital Vilnius, 12 or 35 km by bike, ca. 120 km by bus

Day 9. Lithuania: Vilnius, end of the tour

Day 1. Arrival to Warsaw

You arrive to Warsaw. At scheduled time, the meeting with our representative, who will pass route descriptions to you. Then, a guided tour of the Old Town in Warsaw is waiting for you. Accommodation in a hotel in Warsaw.

Price includes: guided tour of Warsaw

Day 2. Białowieża Forest

Distance: about 40 km or 30 km or 25 km by bike, ca. 240 km by bus

After breakfast, bus transfer to Białowieża forest is scheduled. After 3 hour ride we reach Topiło village. It is a tiny village in the Białowieża forest at the Perebel river, only three kilometers from the Belarussian border. Its name is derived from nearby swamp, where cattle used to drown. The open- air museum of narrow-gauge railway can be seen here. It is also highly recommended to tour the lake itself, rich in rare flora and fauna, with educational routes and a viewing point. Then we cycle through the forest to Białowieża (3 routes possible), where we reach our hotel. After checking in we can rest at the hotel’s swimming pool and spa center. We also advise to try craft beer made at the hotel.

Day 3. Guided tour of Białowieża, visit to strict reserve

Distance: about 27 km by bike, total time, including the guided tour about 7 hours

The trip will take you to the most interesting places and introduce you to the village’s history. The tour will take approximately 7 hours, after breakfast the guide will be waiting for you at the reception on scheduled time. You will head to the Palace Park and tour the interactive Natural Museum before venturing to the strict reserve, to see the wildlife personally. We leave the bikes at the gate and enter the reserve as a group, since it is forbidden to enter the area without a licensed guide. Next stop will be the bison reserve, housing also wolves, deer, horses and many other species. On our way back we will also venture to the so-called „place of power”, situated in the heart of the forest. Legends say, that it’s stone circle was site for pagan rituals in the years gone. After return dinner awaits.  

Day 4. Białowieża – bus transfer to Kruszyniany – Supraśl – Białystok

Distance: about 43 km or 58 km by bike, ca. 80 km by bus

Today we venture further into Podlasie. In the morning we pack our luggage on the bus and head to Kruszyniany. Village is popular thanks to its vibrant Tartar community. You can try the local cuisine. A guided tour of the mosque awaits us here. Leaving the village, we enter Green Velo route which will take us through Knyszyn Forest. We will reach Kopna Góra, where we can visit the forest park. Afterwards, we cycle directly to Supraśl. It is a popular resort thanks to its beautiful location and healthy microclimate. You can get into the bus and reach Białystok with our driver or add extra 20 km and reach the city on your own by bike. We reccoment to stroll in the evening Białystok and see the baroque Branicki Palace with its gardens, the late-Renaissance Old Church, St. Roch’s Basilica, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church and the market square with its baroque City Hall. Accommodation in a hotel in Białystok.  

Day 5. Tykocin – Kiermusy – Biebrza National Park: Tzar’s Road – Osowiec Fortress– Suwałki

Distance: about 49 km, by bus ca. 130 km

We begin by transfer to Tykocin (about 30 km) where guided tour around this city with very interesting history is planned. Then you’ll be visiting Kiermusy, a village near Tykocin. A private bison reserve is located here. Further, we enter the Tzar’s Road. Numerous viewing towers and bridges are located here, so it is worth to take your time and admire the Biebrza valley. Be prepared, since you can easily encounter an elk here. You will meet your driver on the way who will take you to your hotel in Suwałki.

Day 6 Suwałki – Kloster in Wigry – Paddling tour on Czarna Hańcza river

Distance: ca. 25 km by bike, ca. 30 km by bus

After breakfast you cycle to the monastery in Wigry. After a sightseeing break (for those who want to), a canoe trip (about 2 hours) on the Czarna Hańcza River is planned. After the kayak tour, you can return to the hotel by bus or by bike (30 km or 20 km depending on the route you choose). Overnight stay in a hotel or guesthouse in Suwalken or the surrounding area.

Day 7. Suwałki – Stańczyki – Lithuania: Kaunas

Distance: ca. 30 km by bike, ca. 150 km by bus 

In the morning we go by bus about 40 km to the village of Stańczyki. In Stańczyki there are picturesque bridges – aqueducts of Romincka Forest, which are often used for bungee jumping. Then you will reach the Polish-Lithuanian border by bike through the landscape park, cross it and after about 3 kilometers you will meet a driver who will take you to Kaunas. Overnight at the hotel in Kaunas.

Day 8. Lithuania: Kaunas – guided tour of the Trakai Castle and the Capital Vilnius


Distance: 12 or 35 km by bike, ca. 120 km by bus

Today there is a bus transfer to the lake country of Lithuania. You reach Trakai with the famous Gothic island castle from the 15th century in Galve Lake. Upon arrival, you can choose to spend time in Trakai or choose one of the 3 available cycling routes around the lakes. After a guided tour of Trakai, it’s only about 30 kilometers by bus to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. You will experience Vilnius with a city guide – a tour of the city and a walk through the old town. In the evening, a celebratory farewell dinner awaits us in an old town restaurant with Lithuanian specialties. Overnight in Vilnius. Overnight at hotel in Vilnius.

Day 9. Lithuania: Vilnius, end of the tour

After breakfast the tour ends. Individual return journey or extension.

Price includes:

  • Half-guided tour: you are accompanied by our English speaking driver (luggage transfer, repairs, emergencies). He is accessible by phone all the time of the tour.
  • 8 accommodations with breakfasts in hotels/pensions of good quality, rooms with bathroom
  • Meals include breakfast and dinner; it is possible to arrange vegetarian meals upon earlier notice (please let us know, if you eat fish)
  • Local taxes
  • Luggage transfer between accommodations
  • All bus transfers as in the route description
  • Guided tour in Warsaw, Białowieża, Tykocin, Trakai, Vilnius and the mosque in Kruszyniany
  • Paddle tour on Czarna Hańcza river
  • Bike rental
  • Technical assistance during the trip
  • Tourist’s package: detailed description of the route, along with the information required for reaching the destination by bike.
  • GPS-track
  • Minimum number of participants: 6 people

Price does not include:

  • Arrival
  • E-Bike rental
  • Meals other than breakfast and dinner
  • Additional accommodations
  • Private expenses during the trip

Price per person

1 person in double room/HP: 1350 EUR

Single room surcharge:          200 EUR

Electric bike:                           90/160 EUR


Additional expenses:

  • Orthodox Icon Museum in Supraśl: 10 EUR/person
  • Guide in the Icon museum: 50 EUR



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    Since Poland and Lithuania lies in the Schengen zone, EU citizens may enter it’s boarders with valid ID. Non-EU citizens are submitted to the same rules of entry as when entering any other EU country.


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